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Cinnia Has Launched!

Cinnia Boutique

Hello, shoppers. Cinnia Boutique is proud to announce the launch of our online boutique. We invite you to take a look at our offerings of women's apparel, fashion and home and pet accessories.

Our boutique is tailored to women (who may have a few grey hairs) who have a life (and family, friends, and maybe a pet or two), and want to look good living it. We concentrate on casual, comfortable, affordable styles that look good on most ages, shapes & sizes. We like to lean towards classic, but we're not afraid to hop on a trend if our customers might like it. In addition to some awesome designer styles, we also create our own t-shirts.

Please continue to follow our blog, and we'd really appreciate you connecting on social media with us too.

Thank you for visiting! We hope you find something you love.

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