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Hot Flash Style Hacks

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Hot flash menopause

If you’re one of those *lucky* women like me who experience hot flashes, it can be difficult to get dressed in the morning. If you dress for the cool Fall weather, you might get too hot when the inevitable hot flash hits. If you don’t wear enough clothing in hopes of not overheating, you’ll only be warm enough during those moments when a hot flash hits its peak; then it subsides, and you’re cold again.

Here are some hot flash style hacks to make your outfit choices a little easier.

Protect yourself - A good deodorant will definitely help and keep you confidently smelling like a rose throughout the day. I use Herban Cowboy’s Natural for Her in Blossom scent. There’s also a Powder scent. I’ve tried many of the natural deodorants and like this one the best for protection, scent and smooth application, and bonus - it doesn’t leave any marks on your clothing. It does go on a tad moist but seems to dry quickly and I usually just put a top on right away with no issues.

Dress in layers - You can easily remove or add layers depending on your body temperature. 

Layer 1 - Microfiber or other wicking material will keep the moisture away from your body so putting on a 1st layer wire-free bra, underwire bra, sports bra, or camisole to prevent you from getting chilled post-hot flash.

Layer 2 - Sleeveless tops will allow you to cover or uncover and cool off in a flash (sorry, had to do it).  For those of us who really want sleeves, try the sexy cold shoulder look or a nice loose, flowing tunic over some deconstructed jeans.

Hot Legs - Dresses or skirts can give you some extra air time when needed. Exposing your legs can keep you cooler throughout the day. Check out this gorgeous sleeveless leopard dress. As just mentioned, deconstructed or distressed jeans are not only in style, but they have built-in air conditioning. Crop pants are also in right now and give you a little extra exposure.

Top layer - This last layer could be a light jacket, poncho, cardigan, kimono, suit jacket, or shawl. Whatever you choose, make sure you can take it off easily and quickly to make yourself more comfortable.

Don’t wear socks - Mid-hot flash you can kick off your shoes and let your tootsies (and ankles) get some fresh air to help cool you off. Clogs, mules, and booties are all good shoe candidates.

Men perspire, women glow - Unless you’re in menopause, then you sweat a little. Keep tissues handy to gently mop your brow, or wherever. Here’s a really cute leather mini tissue holder you can throw in your bag . It comes in multiple colors and is much classier than the plastic disposable packets. Remember to drink more water during the day too, since you’re losing more than in your non-hot-flash years.

I’ve put together a collection of some hot-flash-friendly clothing to help you with outfit choices.

Stay cool, my friends.



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