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Intuitive Shopping for Women Over 40

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I'm going to try something new here and post my favorite weekly women's fashion for us ladies over 40. I urge you to look at fashion with the open mindedness you had when you first began shopping for clothes on your own dime. Yes, budget was important, but also - how important was age-appropriateness? I bet you weren't really thinking about that. I'd like you to try to approach shopping by just looking at different clothing without knowing who the manufacturer or retailer is, and thinking, "that's cute, and I think it would look good on me" or "no, not my color, not a good style for my shape." What type of clothes make you feel good about yourself? What color or type of clothes do you get complimented on the most when you wear them? Is there a certain go-to outfit that you have? Why is that your favorite? I know, lots to consider for a Friday, but don't stress. Take a look at some of my favorites and see if any strike an intuitive chord with you. Happy Shopping!

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