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Yes, You Can Wear That!

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Age-appropriate, mature, conservative, modest. These words have been used to describe style and fashions for “women of a certain age,” another descriptive phrase I’m not too fond of. Just because we’re over 40 (or 50, or 60, or 70), a cougar, a boomer, or a candlestick maker, doesn’t mean we have to commit to a certain boxed-in style stereotype like the housecoats that our moms and grandmas used to wear.

Remember, 50 is the new 30. Our personal style should reveal how we feel about ourselves, and the image-of-the-moment  we’d like to portray to the world. Sometimes we might want to wear something classic. Other times we may want to show our flirty, casual, athletic, edgy, indie, romantic, trendy, sexy, or business side. And there’s nothing that says you can’t be business and trendy, or any other combination that appeals to you as you’re staring at your closet.

The point is - wear what feels good to you; wear what makes you happy and confident. When you’re not feeling so good about yourself, wear that dress that always provokes “you look amazing” comments. Or put on that t-shirt with the saying that makes everyone laugh.

Here’s a hot trend you should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe: cold shoulder tops & dresses. This look can be considered casual, romantic, sexy, indie, bohemian, beachy or hippie, and have the added bonus of covering certain potentially less-appealing parts of our bodies (like not-quite-toned arms, a little extra tummy). Plus, they’re super comfortable, breezy (good for hot flashes) loose and flowing. Yes, you can wear that! Pair the tops with jeans, distressed boyfriend jeans, leggings, or denim shorts. The dresses, well, you don’t have to wear anything at all with them, and we won’t tell. You can wear the dress with leggings if you prefer.



Style is a personal thing - just don’t forget about having fun with it and wear things that make you feel good! Life is too short for age-appropriate.

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