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Welcome! Cinnia is an online boutique offering American made stylish and affordable men's and women's fashion clothing, gifts and accessories. As I was thinking about possible names for the boutique and researching, I learned that the word Cinnia comes from Irish & Celtic origins, just like me. I'm proud of my heritage (which I didn't discover until just a few years ago), and I'm also proud of where I live, which inspired me to have Cinnia showcase only products Made In The USA. You've heard the term "shop local," right? Well that can extend to your wardrobe as well. The more we buy American made products, the better off our domestic economy and country will be. Let's support each other and keep our country strong and #MakeItHere!

I've had a lot of fun designing all the t-shirts and leggings in Cinnia Boutique, and am excited that so many people seem to like them! I am designing constantly to bring you new, unique, and creative tees and leggings, and recently created a Mommy and Me collection.

I've also had a lot of fun finding the best Made in the USA clothing brands to partner with, and have found some really good ones! We now offer American made clothing for women (including plus sizes), men, kids and babies.

A few years ago, my boyfriend introduced me to craft beer. I still enjoy my red wine and whiskey every once in a while, but have had a lot of fun exploring the different breweries and tastings with him. Recently I created a collection of spirited t-shirts because I want to encourage women to embrace craft beer, and to know there's more out there than light beer and wine. I wanted to offer fun shirts that are unique and show their love of craft beer, whiskey and wine.

A blogger friend recently asked me why I began this boutique. I've never been a big shopper (you'd have to pay me a lot of $ to get me to a Black Friday sale) but I like to wear stylish and comfortable clothes. I prefer to shop online if I have the choice, and it's usually late at night, and I know others who feel this way (look for the occasional Night Owl discounts on social media to celebrate creatures of the night). I wanted to put stylish, comfortable, affordable men and women's clothing accessories and gifts all in one place, and offer outfit suggestions so people don't have to think about what to wear.

This is me with my friend Deb (taken a few years ago). We've been friends since junior high (a very loooooong time ago). She passed away in 2015 after  an 11-year battle with inflammatory breast cancer. She was a pediatric ICU nurse for over 25 years! Deb (unlike me) loved to shop. I used to wheel her around Cost Plus and Toys R Us at Christmas time so she could get her shopping done (that was the only in-store shopping I really enjoyed). She made everything fun and we used to laugh like we were still teenagers. We would also visit boutiques when she was feeling up to it, and she would always find something she loved. I've christened a corner of Cinnia Boutique "Deb's Corner" and will be putting things there that she would have liked. Her colorful, effervescent, whimsical style is somewhat different from mine. Her favorite colors were teal and purple so you'll see quite a bit of those. I'll be donating a portion of each year's sales to a non-profit organization she would approve of. I miss her every day.
I do use some affiliate products and links throughout this site, but I don't post anything that I wouldn't actually use myself or recommend to a friend. I search for products that I feel will be of interest or of use to you and that are American made. There are no price increases because of this, I just get credit if you purchase something through this site and it helps support the costs of running it, so thank you!
If you've enjoyed my ramblings, please check out the Cinnia Blog. I'll be posting pretty regularly.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something to fit your personal style here in our American Made Boutique that will brighten your day.